Saturday, 19 April 2014


I was mumbling on the other day about a forthcoming personal-fashion-renaissance... and it appears the day has come: I am actually wearing some form of sportswear. I swore I would never, I have no idea what is happening to me. They are barely noticeable of course, (I am referencing the shoes)... which I bought as kind of a joke - if that makes any sense whatsoever. *+?*+*Fashion can be ironic, I guess?! I don't even know, hope you like the photos.. which are taken in my new room-to-be - v exciting!!!!! hehe. I've had a busy and hectic week... thanks to the guys at Shopcade! Another blog post will have to be made about that... for now this will do  XXX

jacket: c/o
 everything else: topshop

Monday, 7 April 2014

Ava Adore

Hey-err :) I have finally broken up from school for Easter - how eggciting, eggstremely eggcellent, eggmazing. Enough with the generic egg jokes that progressively got worse, here is an outfit from a few days ago - complete with an un-Eastery and witchy aura due to my hat from oasap. Hope you like :) The dress is from lookbookstore again - definitely similar to many other dresses I own, alas monochrome is my saviour (and Jesus?). Much love Xx

Monday, 31 March 2014


Looking very formal and potentially bridezilla-ry in this blogpost - you have been warned :)  The lovely dress is from *+lookbookstore*+, obviously not something I would wear in my everyday emo life, but I couldn't not choose it for lace reasons - unfortunately, I am still battling my addiction. I have been particularly bad in updating my blogspot recently - but I am tending to post more on my lookbook account, so fan me if you haven't already! I have recently reached 30,000 fans somehow - merci beaucoup :* Hope everyone is getting into the spring spirit... I have been and will continue to hibernate Xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


It has been surprisingly sunny in London (as you can tell from the photos)! I'm also definitely happier about this than I look ;) Although I generally prefer winter fashion, I'm starting to dearly miss the 'tightless' days of shorts/ skirts. Hopefully soon this will indeed be possible, much love xx

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hiya everyone :) This half term I went to Paris and evidently took way too many photos. To state the obvious, it's an amazing city and never fails to look beautiful. We did so much walking in the 2 days we were there so luckily managed to make the most of our time. When we went on the boat trip down The Seine a really cute group of tourists came up to us and gave me a lucky charm as a present.  We also visited the set of some scenes from Amelie as I'm studying it in school. Lastly, apologies for my lame attempt at bokeh photography.. it was addictive. Hope you've all had a lovely half term if you've had the week off school, I visited Budapest too so will share some of those photos later in the week. Bisous, love, peace and such idk Xx

Monday, 10 February 2014

Floral in Winter

Aloha! Apologies for my Internet semi-siesta! I am going through a strange v. anti social media phase, but I should probably not include blogspot in this so-called 'campaign'. I am making 'ch-ch-changes' in my life, including actually doing exercise *shock horror who even is this person*. I am also listening to a ridiculous amount of Suede and actually eating more bread, which I used to hate but now sort of like, I am officially a new person *+*AURA CHANGES*+  (including my use of impromptu capital letters). Haha  in my attempt to get my life together I bought myself a lovely new camera lens... ignoring my quest to save my money, which failed MISERABLY :'( On top of that, I am typing this whilst I could have been at a lovely pre-London Fashion Week Topshop event in London, alas... the obstacle of school. Anyway less of my complaining, this outfit is indeed as fluffy as it looks! This weird monologue made literally no sense, hope you like the outfit idk Xx

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Heya everyone! I should probably stop wearing pastel colours and black, alas old habits die hard. Here is an outfit featuring my possible new favourite top, which is completely sequinned and just amazing. I found it in Urban Outfitters for only £10 - which is surprising considering their normal [atrocious] prices. I'm also wearing my corduroy circle skirt from Choies (which is so short - but lovely!), I'm wearing shorts underneath to preserve my modesty. Xx